Tree Bracing

Avoid injury or property damage, with extra support for at-risk trees that you would prefer to keep intact

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Don’t wait until it’s too late – reinforce your aged or compromised tree now! Let us provide you with a complimentary quote on your tree bracing requirements. Contact us today and secure your trees’ longevity!

Professional Tree Bracing Service

Trees can be subject to a variety of conditions, from age-related wear and tear to structural defects. For those that pose an increased risk for failure resulting in injury or property damage, our tree bracing service uses cabling and bracing systems provide supplemental support – mitigating the chances of failure, damage to property assets and the tree itself.

Often in conjunction with weight reduction, cables and or braces are installed in select places between the weak branches or stems…. (e.g., when there’s bifurcation) which can dramatically reduce their chances of failure. For tree bracing help, call Tree Legged Men.

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Keeping your trees healthy and thriving is no easy feat, but by using cabling and bracing, our tree bracing team can help you reduce the chance of structural failure caused by defects, pests or disease, weather conditions – even an unbalanced load. These simple preventative measures could help keep your beloved greenery safe for years to come!

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Our qualified, fully-insured arborists can help identify and fix problems before they become too dangerous

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We work quickly and efficiently to remove dangerous trees without causing any damage to your property

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Where possible, we can remove dangerous branches, to retain your tree while ensuring it remains safe

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Our stump grinder will remove even the toughest old stumps, so you can enjoy a clean, smooth yard

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Our powerful chipper will reduce your waste wood to uniformly size chips for easy re-use, or removal

Tree Bracing

Avoid injury or property damage, with cabling and bracing systems for trees with increased failure risk

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